Disclosure Backpack

In the pursuit of truth, it’s important to keep an open mind, question everything, and have fun. Disclosure Backpack presents things to learn, make, and play with relating to information which if true, changes what we “know” about pretty much everything.keep and open mind, question everything, and have fun

Do You Really Believe Any of This?

Beliefs are provisional. Find one as you would a walking stick. Pick it up and feel it in your hands. How is the length and weight? If it seems good, use it and keep walking. Replace it with a better one further on. Continue on your journey to the full truth.

a forest path


Hi, I’m Eric. This is a photograph of me back in the day (yes, there’s some Photoshop involved—in the original picture, I was super excited to have written my name). I love learning, questioning, and having fun. I taught myself to build my house, run a business, play guitar, and enjoy life. It has been a challenge and challenges are fun.a young eric pointing to full disclosure now