Earth Alliance Chevron Craft Paper Airplane

In May of 2016, Corey Goode reported a dramatic battle which took place high above Antarctica between the Dark Fleet and the Earth Alliance.

The Dark Fleet is a human group which works alongside the Draco reptilians in their missions of conquest outside our solar system.

Draco Reptilian and Dark Fleet

Corey Goode described the Earth Alliance as an Earth-based group which opposes the Cabal (a loose-knit criminal syndicate which controls the Earth’s population through the money system and blackmail). You can see evidence of the Earth Alliance in the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) which are creating an alternative to the Cabal-controlled money system.BRICS nations flags- Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa

In the battle above Antarctica, six large teardrop-shaped Dark Fleet ships attempted to leave the Earth but were attacked and forced to return by dozens of small chevron-shaped Earth Alliance craft. Corey Goode stated that the Cabal and their allies, such as the Dark Fleet and Draco, are being restricted to Earth to provide us the environment to “clean up our own mess.”

Dark Fleet craft being turned back in battle with Earth Alliance chevron craft

Now that we’ve learned about the battle over Antarctica, let’s make our own Earth Alliance chevron craft. A paper airplane similar in shape was designed by Instructables user OrigamiAirEnforcer. This “chevron craft” takes practice to throw but I have seen children get the hang of it after 5 minutes of guided trial and error. The resulting beautiful gliding flight is worth the effort.

I used blue construction paper for these directions because the folds are easier to see but a standard sheet of letter or A4 size copy paper works well. The first step is to fold the sheet in half width-wise and open it back up.

fold and unfold to create center crease

Fold down the top corners to the center.fold down top corners

Fold the top corner down to a center point 1 in (2.5 cm) from the bottom edge.fold down top

Fold down the upper corners to the center.

fold down top corners

Tape the two upper wings to the underlying part.


Hold the chevron craft with your fingers above and thumb to hold chevron craft

Hold the craft in a natural position slightly in front and to the side of your shoulder. Gently push it straight forward and release it at the end of your arm’s extension. Have fun with your Earth Alliance chevron craft!how to throw chevron craft paper airplane