Floating Sphere Being Toy

According to Corey Goode, energetic spheres began appearing in our solar system in the late 1980s and continued to do so throughout the 1990s. These are as large as the Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune. The numerous Moon-sized spheres are equidistantly spread throughout our solar system, and the fewer larger spheres are nearer the outside of our solar system. They appear to be buffering harmful effects to our solar system as it transitions into a new energetic region of the galaxy.

different sphere sizes

These sphere’s are higher density conscious life. Corey refers to them as Sphere Beings who are part of the Sphere Being Alliance along with the Golden Triangle Head Beings, Blue Avians, and two groups who are currently unknown.

sphere being above mountain night road

The Sphere Beings can be any size they choose and Corey has stated that they have visited people as small orbs, surrounded people for personal transport, and also been used as a meeting place for groups. According to Corey, a Sphere Being formed an outer barrier around our entire solar system after the Cabal (a loose-knit criminal syndicate) tested an advanced energy weapon against one. The energy was redirected by the Sphere Being back to the attackers at their base in Australia. This event was captured by an International Space Station (ISS) camera and caused enough public speculation that NASA felt it necessary to provide what appears to be a cover story.

energy weapon directed at a sphere being

You can make your own floating Sphere Being toy with flexible drinking straws and a long balloon. Begin by cutting six flexible straws at a point about half way between the joint and the end. Discard the shorter pieces which do not have the joint.

Tape the six cut straws into a bundle with two pieces of electrical tape.

Insert an uncut straw — joint-end first, into the center of the taped bundle of straws. Bend the straws into the form shown in the following picture.

Tie a knot a quarter of the way away from the opening of a long balloon like those used for making balloon animals. Inflate the balloon with a hand pump and tie it off, creating a sphere shape. Cut off the balloon ends past the knots. Or instead of a balloon, you can use a 1-inch Styrofoam ball which can be colored blue with a light coat of water-based acrylic paint.

Your floating Sphere Being toy is complete. Place your “Sphere Being” in the middle of the six upright straws, and blow evenly into the long straw. The airflow will float and stabilize the balloon above the straws. Have fun.

You can learn about Bernoulli’s principle if you would like to understand the science behind your floating Sphere Being toy.