Intercept: A Board Game Based on the Intruder Intercept & Interrogation Program

Corey Goode has stated that there are extraterrestrials and hybrids who are living among Earth’s human population. Many are here through programs approved by the Super Federation, which is a diplomatic council of at least 60 human-like extraterrestrial groups. Corey says that at one time he was part of the Intruder Intercept and Interrogation Program which locates hybrids and extraterrestrials on Earth and determines if they have followed the correct procedures to be cleared to live among us. Intercept is a simple two-player board game based on the Intruder Intercept and Interrogation Program. This game is a variation of Fox and Geese, a classic medieval game.


Save the PDF file which matches your paper size, either intercept board game letter (8.5 by 11 in) or intercept board game A4 (210 by 297 mm). Print out the single sheet which contains the board and rules.

intercept board game sheet

Durability will be increased if the board is glued to paperboard similar to that used in cereal boxes. In my experience the best glue for this purpose is spray adhesive or a glue stick. Alternatively, the printed sheet can be kept in a clear file folder both during storage and play.

You also need objects to be used as the 24 Hybrid pieces and 2 Intercept Team pieces. Some ideas of suitable objects are coins, beans, pebbles, or paperclips. I used flattened glass playing pieces called ohajiki.


The Hybrids player places their 24 pieces on the black spaces. The Intercept Team player places their 2 pieces on red spaces of their choosing. Hybrids move first.

begin 24 hybrid pieces and 2 intercept team pieces


Players move 1 piece to an adjacent space connected by a line. Hybrids cannot jump pieces or move in a direction away from the red spaces. Intercept Team members cannot jump each other.

possible directions of movement


Intercept Team members can jump Hybrids to intercept them and remove them from the board. Jumps must be straight along a line to land in an adjacent empty space. Multiple jumps are possible (but not mandatory) if there are single empty landing spaces between the Hybrids.

how to intercept hybrids

Failure to Intercept

If during a turn, 1 or more intercept jumps are possible but none were made, the Hybrids player can point this out. Then the Intercept Team player must remove their piece from the board which failed to make the possible intercept. If multiple intercept jumps are possible, only 1 intercept jump is required to avoid a failure to intercept.

illustrating failure to intercept


If the Hybrids occupy all 9 red spaces, they have blended into the Earth population undetected and win.

occupy all 9 spaces and win


If both Intercept Team members have either been removed for failure to intercept, or been blocked in by the Hybrids so they are unable to move, the Hybrids win.

both intercept team members unable to do their job so hybrids win

If the Intercept Team intercepts at least 16 Hybrids, the Hybrids will be unable to occupy all 9 red spaces, and the Intercept Team wins.

not enough hybrids remain to occupy all 9 red spaces so the intercept team wins

Three Game Variations

  1. Increase the number of Intercept Team members from 2 to 3.
  2. Play the game without using any diagonal movement.
  3. When players become good at the game, they will notice that the Hybrids have a built-in advantage. To continue enjoying the game, have a two-game match where each player has a turn playing the Hybrids. The winner of the match is the player who had the least number of their Hybrids intercepted.