Interview with the Creator of Disclosure Backpack

Our reporter recently caught up with Eric, the person behind Disclosure Backpack; a website featuring articles and directions for “things to make and play with” related largely to information from secret space program insider and whistleblower Corey Goode. We are the first to get a glimpse into Eric’s motivation for creating the site.

Notice: Although the following is a faux interview (just me interviewing myself), the information presented is true.

REPORTER: Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. I know that you’ve been previously reticent to do so.

ERIC: I still am reticent, but I understand that it’s pretty strange to have a site featuring crafts related to all these “out there” topics, and people might understand it better if they know a little bit more about me and my motivation to create it.

REPORTER: Let’s begin with an overview of what people can find on your site for those who are unfamiliar with it.

ERIC: Sure. I’ll describe it with an example. Earth Alliance Chevron Craft Paper Airplane is a fairly typical article on the site. It begins with a concise presentation of a topic using information gathered from sources linked to in the article. In this case the topic is two opposing secret space programs, the Dark Fleet and Earth Alliance, and their purported battle over Antarctica. That’s followed by detailed instructions for creating something related to the topic: a paper airplane inspired by an Earth Alliance chevron space craft.

chevron paper airplane craft

REPORTER: But your 2 most recent articles are about the mummies found in Peru that some people suggest are alien. Unlike many of your other articles, they don’t feature directions for making a craft, and they aren’t about Corey Goode’s information. Does this mean that you have changed course?

ERIC: Although it’s true that I’m still feeling my way for the direction of the site—after all it’s only been four months since I began it, I’m currently working on new articles with things to make related to information from Corey and his show on Gaia, Cosmic Disclosure. I work with whatever I find interesting at the time. In the case of the Peruvian mummies, I felt that I had to write those articles because I had noticed things about the mummies that no one else was addressing publicly, like the anomalous skeletal structure of the smaller bodies. I hope the media will give the investigation of the mummies the attention it deserves, no matter the outcome.

josefina, alberto, and wawita

REPORTER: There has been a lot of negative interest in Corey Goode and those with similar or supporting research and information. One of the claims is that Corey Goode is a cult leader. Doesn’t this concern you?

ERIC: I dislike cults because they use various control methods to restrict people’s free will. I have helped someone successfully leave an actual cult. It was not easy. I recommend that people unfamiliar with cults and their operating methods take time to learn about them. Both the Blue Avians’ message and their warning that “this information was NOT to become a cult or religious movement nor was Corey to put himself before the message or elevate himself to a guru status” seem to be in diametric opposition to cults.

the blue avians message to humanity

REPORTER: Another claim is that Corey is targeting young people. You have games and crafts on your site. Have you had any similar claims made against you?

ERIC: There have been claims made that my creations are evidence that “Corey’s group” is targeting children. First of all, I am the only person responsible for this website’s content. Secondly, I do not consider anything on my site to be harmful to anyone; it is my intention to keep this site “G rated” to be inclusive of all people, and to match my own sensibilities. I believe modern mainstream globalist culture exposes people of all ages to far more harmful material than what’s on my site.

REPORTER: But why have children’s crafts, games, and activities, if not to target children?

ERIC: I try to keep my professional life separate from this website, but I think I should make a small exception here. I have been a teacher for well over a decade. I have extensive experience researching information, conceptualizing it, and designing original curriculum including crafts, games, and activities to help others effectively learn the information—and have fun. I have always increased my own learning through this process, and agree with Seneca the Younger who wrote that “men learn while they teach.” When I found myself having a hard time understanding Corey’s information, I had the epiphany that I could use the same curriculum and content design process that I use in my work to help me learn it, with the added bonus that others could use what I created to aid their own understanding. There are some very talented people out there with lengthy in-depth articles discussing the same information, but I think my site is unique in being so concise and easy to understand.

seneca the younger

REPORTER: Why do you focus on Corey Goode?

ERIC: I like the Blue Avians’ message that he talks about and the Law of One. Those mesh with beliefs that I’ve had since childhood with my dream teachers. When I was a child, I used to fly around in my dreams in an alternative landscape which was as constant as the waking world with its own people, mountains, buildings, and so on. I could choose where to go and meet the people who I knew lived there and who would remember me from previous visits.

Until recently, I thought this is what everyone did at night. I learned a lot from teachers there and from handling difficult challenges unique to that world. Those dreams seemed to have lessened when I hit puberty, and I missed that experience. When I was listening to Law of One audio books I felt like I was back again with those teachers from my dreams. Evidence of what I had learned from those early childhood experiences can be seen in my 8th grade yearbook page below. You might notice it resembles the Blue Avians’ message and the Law of One.

8th grade yearbook

REPORTER: What about Corey’s information like the 20 and back program which is controversial to some?

ERIC: I find Corey’s other information to be interesting. I don’t know it is true, but I also see no reason to disbelieve it. I put it on my “maybe true / wait and see” mental bookshelf. I don’t think it’s helpful for me to discard that type of information early on while I’m still trying to figure things out. Censorship is not my path to truth. Plus, a lot of Corey’s information has corroboration from others including Pete Peterson, David Adair, the late William Tompkins, Niara IsleyMark McCandlish, and John Lear. All of that corroboration also goes up on the “maybe true / wait and see” mental bookshelf until I see more with my own eyes, or the bookshelf becomes sufficiently full with cohesive information.

REPORTER: Don’t you think it is irresponsible to tell children alternative information?

ERIC: Children are always being exposed to new information. I believe it is a parent’s role to support their child’s efforts to make sense of their world as they encounter new experiences and information, and to reassure the child of their own intrinsic worth and ability to handle new challenges. Specifically, I would not tell a child that Corey’s information is true, because I’m not sure that’s the case. However, depending on one’s own child’s age and level of development, it might be possible to explain the normal mainstream belief, and also explain that a person or smaller group of people hold different beliefs. Then one could point out that mainstream beliefs sometimes change with new discoveries. It is important to be open to different ideas, think independently and critically, and take personal responsibly to find the truth. As a child, I was taught many “facts” by the mainstream public school system which turned out to be false. I don’t want to do that to another child by stating that something is an incontrovertible fact when that may not be the case. To me, children are sacred and deserve great respect, dignity, freedom, support, and love. Current society is very far from adequately serving their best interests. That needs to change. Disclosure Backpack is created using my personal time, effort, and money to assist in my small way to help create a world worthy of its children.

REPORTER: I can see that our time is up for now. Maybe we can do this again some time in the future

ERIC: I’d be glad to.