Media and Imagining the Very Best

When I was a child, I watched and rewatched a VHS cassette of one of my favorite movies at the time, the 1981 fantasy Clash of the Titans with special effects by Ray Harryhausen. I resonated with the archetypal hero who was good and fought to overcome evil.

This is in contrast to modern globalist Cabal controlled media where often even the “heroes” act like villains. This media is a result of the Cabal gradually pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable to societies which once adhered to their own local traditional value systems. The Cabal have done this by promoting media which reject and mock traditional values. Consuming such morally ambiguous media as a form of “entertainment” normalizes low vibration lifestyles in the mind of the public. People discard their moral compasses and become unaware that they are now comfortably wallowing in low vibration patterns while feeling they are “keeping it real.” I believe that our creations should instead instruct or inspire us to rise above to manifest our nobler selves. This will create a better reality which would in time become the new normal. Ray Harryhausen himself shared a similar thought related to the importance of using imagination positively:

Most people feel it’s rather childish to have an imagination. I don’t agree with that. I think you should go through life and imagine the very best.
-Ray Harryhausen

It is important to focus on the positive, but searching for truth sometimes involves seeing very negative information which is censored by mainstream media. After encountering such negative information, we can imagine the opposite positive condition reflecting vibrant absolute perfection and love. In this way, our powerful imaginations can transmute the negative into the positive, supplying feedback to Source about the world we want. This feedback is then used by Source to help create the reality we experience. With that in mind, let’s remember to “go through life and imagine the very best.”

sending feedback to source