Raising Your Vibration: We are energy

Part of the Blue Avians’ message is that we need to focus on raising our vibration. To understand this message, it is helpful to conceptualize the range of vibrating energy that we are made of. For this, we will use the analogy of two more familiar energies, light and sound.

playing trumpet with sunset

Light and sound are good for demonstrative purposes because changes in their frequencies are perceivable by our unaided senses and measurable. A difference in the frequency of visible light vibration creates a change in color. A difference in the frequency of audible sound vibration creates a change in pitch.

frequency determines the color of light and pitch of sound

Our human bodies are composed of energy and have seven energy centers called chakras. Interestingly, Isaac Newton, in his groundbreaking theory of color perceived that white light was composed of seven distinct colors. The common modern musical scale is also divided into seven notes per octave. All of these divisions in light, sound, and body energy represent frequency ranges.

7 colors notes and chakras

These distinct divisions of otherwise nebulous frequencies allow us to conceptualize and more effectively work with the energies. For example, a basic understanding of the seven colors becomes a foundation which allows a painter to analyze the colors they see or imagine and mix paints to recreate that on their canvas. Likewise, a basic understanding of the chakras and their relative frequencies will help you conceptualize them and aid you in your efforts to raise your vibration.

chakras chart

The lower three chakras are related to your ego and material self, and the higher three chakras are related to your greater spiritual self which extends beyond the body you currently inhabit. The heart chakra, associated with universal love, compassion, and forgiveness, is your center and can act as a gateway leading from your lower vibration material self to your higher vibration spiritual self. All of the energy frequencies are important.

heart chakra gateway

It seems that currently, only frequencies of the lower three chakras are socially acceptable. It is “normal” to make effort to secure material needs (root chakra), have healthy emotions and seek sensory experiences (sacral chakra),  and have a healthy sense of self and goals (solar plexus chakra). However, there appears to be societal pressures holding back humanity from focusing on their heart chakra level of vibration or the energies above. Universal love and compassion (heart chakra), speaking your own inner truth (throat chakra), the sixth sense (third eye chakra), and direct connection to the highest divinity/the universal all (crown chakra) are often belittled or dismissed. A person who truthfully communicates that they are focusing on embodying universal love, honing psychic abilities, and uniting with the highest divinity will likely not be easily accepted by society.

lower and higher chakra energys

The Blue Avians’ message is predominantly related to the heart chakra energy. Maybe this is because raising our vibration to that level will open the gate and allow us to free ourselves from a control system.

the blue avians message to humanity