Unity Inner Earth: A Cooperative Board Game

Our planet may be home to Inner Earth civilizations in a vast underground honeycomb of enormous caverns. Corey Goode described visiting representatives from several separate genetic/cultural groups of these Inner Earth people. They had come together in council around the beginning of 2016 to discuss cooperative efforts to deal with attacks originating both above and below ground as well as issues relating to their stewardship of the surface population.

The Inner Earth people are described as looking similar to the surface population, although certain groups have noticeable differences such as narrower body structures, slightly bluish skin, or a crystal embedded beneath the skin of the forehead. Each group member in the council wore an amulet which functioned as advanced technology and was emblazoned with their group symbol.

Corey described a meeting with a woman named Ka’Aree of the Saturn Inner Earth group. Through a mental merging with Corey, she was able to retrieve information from cave crystals that Corey had interfaced with as an adolescent. Access to these crystals is limited due to being guarded by a negative reptilian raptor species.


unity inner earth characters and amulets

The Unity Inner Earth Game

Unity Inner Earth is a children’s cooperative board game for one or more players inspired by Corey Goode’s information about the Inner Earth. You play as three Inner Earth people who have just finished mentally connecting with crystals and must now work together to evade capture by the pursuing raptor and safely return to the protected area.

Unity Inner Earth is free to print and play. The game mechanics are not original but the art and text are. It is my hope that this game helps spread awareness of Corey Goode’s disclosures and that players enjoy their time together in the spirit of cooperation and unity.


Save the PDF file which matches your paper size, either unity inner earth board letter (8.5 by 11 in) or  unity inner earth board A4 (210 by 297 mm).

Print out the single sheet which contains the board and playing pieces.

Durability and playability will be increased if the board and pieces are glued to paperboard similar to that used in cereal boxes. Thicker paperboard is better as long as it can still be cut with scissors. It is easiest if the printed sheet is glued to the paperboard and allowed to dry before cutting out the pieces. In my experience the best glue for this purpose is spray adhesive or a glue stick.

You also need a “draw bag” containing 2 equal numbers of items only distinguishable by color. For example, you may use a bag containing a mix of 10 dried red beans and 10 dried black beans.

Set up

Place the raptor in the cave space at the bottom left of the board and your three Inner Earth people in the crystal space. Set the amulet tokens in front of the players. Place the draw bag (see the ‘Make’ section) in front of the first player.

set up of the unity inner earth game

The Goal of the Game

The goal is for all three Inner Earth people to safely reach the protected area space at the top of the board marked with the gold and red star symbols.

Basic Movement

Players take turns shaking the bag, drawing out two items, and returning them to the bag after their move. Each item represents a space of movement forward for either the raptor or the Inner Earth people depending on its color. In these examples, the raptor’s movement is represented by tiger’s eye and the Inner Earth people by rose quartz crystals. Players should cooperatively discuss which Inner Earth person will move on a turn with the goal in mind of safely returning all characters to the protected area.

examples of movement


Each Inner Earth person may choose to use the shortcut designated with their group’s symbol when landing on it—instantly traveling to the end space of the shortcut. An Inner Earth person will not use a shortcut marked with another group’s symbol. The raptor disregards the Inner Earth people’s customs and will always use any shortcut that it lands on. However, it misses a shortcut if it “overshoots” it rather than landing on it (see example 4 below).

examples of how shortcuts are used


An Inner Earth person is captured and removed from the board if the raptor lands on them or of they land on the raptor. However, the player who was playing the captured Inner Earth person can continue to take their turn drawing items from the draw bag and take part in discussions with the other players. The Inner Earth person will not be captured if the raptor overshoots them (see example 2 below).

examples of how the raptor captures inner earth people


Each Inner Earth person in the game possesses an amulet. Additionally there is one “unity amulet” which represents the power of people united in a shared goal. Each amulet may be used once in the game to send the raptor back to its cave at the bottom of the game board. Any amulet can be used but it must be at the beginning of a turn before drawing items from the draw bag, and can only be used if the possessing Inner Earth person has not been captured. The unity amulet can only be used if no one has been captured. After using an amulet, place it in an empty circular space on the right of the board to record its use.

using an amulet to send the raptor back

The Raptor Lies in Wait

Because the raptor will take all shortcuts it lands on, it is possible that it goes between or after the Inner Earth people. If the Raptor goes ahead and reaches the last space before the protected area, it will lie in wait to ambush the Inner Earth people. An Inner Earth person must pass over the raptor  to reach safety rather than land on it and get captured.

examples of the raptor at the end of the board

Finishing the Game

The game ends when every Inner Earth person has either reached the protected area or been captured by the raptor. All three Inner Earth people returned to safety results in a complete win. One or two members returned to safety results in a partial win. Really, each game played is “a win” because it provides players an opportunity to learn about cooperation. Have fun.

the end of the game

Game Variants

For a more challenging game, start with less amulets or with the raptor one or two spaces ahead of its cave.


Please use the contact page if you have any questions about how to play this game.