Venusian Pyramid Papercraft

Corey Goode reported a visit to an Ancient Builder Race pyramid on Venus in September of 2016. The Ancient Builder Race, also known as the Guardians, are described as an extremely ancient civilization which left behind very advanced technology and a protective barrier which guarded our part of the galaxy until it was unintentionally disabled about 500,000 years ago.

Corey traveled to Venus guided by an Inner Earth woman named Ka’Aree. After reaching a cavern at the base of a colossal ancient building, they were met by the Sentinel, a white 14-foot-tall “intelligent hologram” with unusually angular facial features.

Venusian sentinel

The Sentinel was watching over an Ancient Builder Race pyramid which is itself a piece of advanced technology. The pyramid activated after Corey entered it. Symbols in many colors traveled along the walls accompanied by a variety of audible tones. After leaving the pyramid, Ka’Aree informed Corey that the pyramid downloaded information to him that he was not yet consciously aware of.

venusian pyramid in cavern

You can make your own paper model of the Venusian pyramid. When designing this model, I used proportions specified  in the Law of One (57.21 to 57.23) for the upper part of the pyramid (the height is 1.16 times the sum of the base’s four sides). The bottom part flares out to match existing illustrations. I feel that it has an attractive shape that makes it an appealing decorative item.

Save and print the PDF file which matches your paper size, either the venusian pyramid letter (8.5 by 11 in) or venusian pyramid A4 (210 by 297 mm). Normal office paper or slightly thicker paper works well. Accurate folding is made easier by the preparation of scoring along all fold lines. To do so, align a ruler to a fold line and create a slight indentation along it with a pen which has run out of ink, a paper clip, or a similar dull narrow instrument.

scoring fold lines with a paper clip

After the fold lines have been scored, carefully cut along the solid lines.

cut out the model

Then fold along each of the previously scored fold lines being mindful whether they are a “mountain” or “valley” fold.

fold the model

Begin gluing tabs marked with a gray dot to the underside of an adjacent edge.

glue tabs

Finish the gluing process by gluing the tabs of one end edge to the other end edge.

finish gluing


Cut out the lower half-circle arches after the glue has dried. This step is saved for last because cutting this portion out earlier would make the model too fragile to work with during gluing. Enjoy displaying your Venusian pyramid.

completed venusian pyramid model