WATCH: Will President Trump and the Alliance Drain the Gremlin Swamp?

Updated January 8, 2018: Gremlins 2 Paper Clip Bow & Arrow Target Practice Toy added below.

In this very first Disclosure Backpack video, I comment on parallels between the 1990 comedy horror film Gremlins 2 and a possible President Trump and Alliance takeover against a criminal globalist cabal.

Video Summary

Gremlins 2 film plot

A description of the Cabal and how they resemble the Gremlins

Exposure to sunlight causing Gremlins to dissolve into green goo is similar to how the light of truth can cause the Cabal’s downfall.

A description of the Alliance which opposes the Cabal and how they may be supporting President Trump.

The character of Daniel Clamp was partly based on Donald Trump and was originally meant to be a villain in the film. But actor John Glover’s input resulted in the Daniel Clamp character being rewritten as a hero. This may parallel how Donald Trump was cast as an unelectable rival to Hillary Clinton, but he went off script to help free America from the Cabal.

An interesting coincidence regarding Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon and the Gremlins 2 film.

Understanding the military factions within the Alliance.

Brain Gremlin’s high-minded talk and claims of moral and intellectual superiority hide the Gremlin’s crimes, psychopathy, and immorality. The media and spokespeople for the globalist elite perform a similar role for the Cabal.

Grandpa Fred in the film becomes an independent journalist to report the suppressed news of the Gremlin takeover. Independent journalists are doing the same about the Cabal in real life.

The filthy nature of the system created by the Cabal in which we all live, and the role of blackmail to control people as they rise in it.

The need for understanding when evaluating those who may have committed crimes within the Cabal’s system, but have risked everything in the end to help free humanity.


“Disco con Tutti” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Gremlins 2 Paper Clip Bow & Arrow Target Practice Toy

In the film Gremlins 2, Gizmo creates his own bow and arrow out of office supplies. Here is a fun and safe toy based on the movie that you can make and enjoy playing. Targets are included in the printout. Never aim this toy towards another living thing. And of course, never light it on fire like Gizmo did in the movie.

Gremlins 2 bow and arrow target practice toy


Save the PDF file which matches your paper size, either bow and arrow letter (8.5 by 11 in) or bow and arrow A4 (210 by 297 mm). Print out the single sheet which contains the targets, instant glue label, and fuse.

printout preview

Paper Clip

The bow in the movie was created by unbending a butterfly paper clip. If you have a butterfly paper clip, you are all set and can skip to the rubber band. If you don’t have a butterfly paper clip, I will show you how to bend your own. I started with a normal large 2 in (50 mm) paper clip, and unbent it into a straight wire 6 and 5/8 in (168 mm).

Bend the wire 1 in or 25 mm from the ends.

unbend 1 in from end

Bend the wire 1/2 in or 13 mm from the last bends.bend .5 in or 13 mm from last bend

Bend the wire 1 and 1/2 in or 38 mm from the last bends.bend in 1.5 in or 38 mm from last bend


Rubber Band

Cut a wide rubber band. Mine was 1/8 in (3 mm) wide.cut

Tie the rubber band to the paper clip bow and trim the excess.



In the film, the arrow was made from a pencil and a bottle of instant glue. For safety, we will be using a drinking straw, tissues, and an instant glue label.

Cut the flexible end off of a drinking straw and discard that piece.


Place two tissues together and fold twice lengthwise. My tissues were about 8 in (20 cm) squares.

fold a tisse twice lengthwise

Tape the folded tissues to the end of the straw, roll it on, and secure with another piece of tape.tape, roll, ad tape

Tape the label onto the tissue, roll it, and secure with another piece of tape. Tuck in and tape the “fuse.”

tape. roll, and tape


Glue the targets onto paperboard similar to that used in cereal boxes, and cut them out after the glue dries. In my experience the best glue for this purpose is spray adhesive or a glue stick. Fold the targets along the dotted lines. Get ready for target practice fun.

get ready for fun

Enjoy this challenging game of skill!

shooting targets